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TIME OF YOUR LIFE is the second cut on the album of the titled AUTUMN'S EMPIRE by Tent Show Troubadours. Written by Bob Hoot (guitar/vocals), this song features the lead guitar of Gabe Burdulis, the backup vocals of Jenniper Hlbert and Molly Lins, and the rhythm section of Doug McLeod (bass) and Tom Ellis (drums).


Just Released

May 2018 — Tent Show TroubadoursAutumn's Empire is a 12-song album with the core lineup of Bob Hoot (guitar, vocals), Doug McLeod (bass), Tom Ellis (drums) and Jenniper Hylbert (vocals). Joining TST on six tracks is Gabe Burdulis (lead guitar-slinger) and on seven of the tracks is multi-instrumentalist Chris Wagoner (violin, lap steel, accordion). In addition, Molly Lins (vocals) contributes her angelic harmonies on every song.

July 2017 — Tent Show Troubadours — Murder of Crows is a 12-song album of originals with Bob and Doug joined by Jenniper Hylbert (vocals), Tom Ellis (drums) and Lindsay Everly (keyboard/vocals) all of whom performed on every cut of this album. Also contributing on selected cuts were Bruce Wasserstrom (guitar) and Eli Gray (percussion).

Tent Show Troubadours — Revival is an EP of five original songs originally recorded by The New Baldones. New vocal tracks featuring duets and backup vocals of Jenniper Hylbert as well as fresh vocals and new guitar tracks by Bob Hoot. Chris Di Bernardo pitched in with conga work and hand percussion instruments. Again, thanks to Landon Arkens at Blast House Studios in Madison, Wis. for remixing and remastering this project.

Tent Show Troubadours — Tangled Ways is an album with 12 original songs, the forst 12 originals under the TST moniker. Listen on the player below.

The player below also offers a compilation of 14 songs from the three albums of The New Baldones that have been remixed, remastered and released as Tent Show Troubadours — Original Music in a Variety of Flavors.

Collector Reissue

A CD reissue of Original Music in a Variety of Flavors with deluxe packaging is available with new remixed tracks including vocals of Jenniper Hylbert on Accident Waiting to Happen and Counting Backwards.

Contact us to purchase this collector reissue for only $12.50 (free shipping).

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